AYG Logistics

  • Engines: EURO 5
  • Campaigns: 5 yearly
  • Institutions: 15

Commitment to the environment and the community


Ecological Motors

Our trucks use Euro 5 Vysistema SCR engines that generate less pollution, have a longer service life and better performance.
We train our distribution team on how to take advantage of the potential for efficiency and ecological improvement that our trucks offer.

Recycling campaigns

As part of our social commitment, we promote the separation and treatment of waste within the company. Reciclaje
Worms Argentina

Efficient Standards

We collaborate with the care of the environment by delivering our used tires Worms Argentina, that takes care of its correct final disposal according to environmental recommendations.

Child Inclusion

We collaborate with the soccer school Club María Reina, one of the 13 institutions that belongs to the third division of the Asociación Rosarina de Fútbol. Its mission is to provide assistance to street children.